Monday, March 7, 2016

Split: A Life of Madness

In the chaos of rapidly alternating moods, a suicidal drug and alcohol addiction, and the wreckage they both leave behind, how does a young woman find the path to a happy life and stay guided down it?

This is not only an astounding look into the euphoric psychosis of mania and the despondent distorted thinking of depression, but insight into the broken treatment system for mental illness in the United States and the taboo that prevents education that could save lives from being spread. Addiction memoirist Amy D. Brooks shares the unique struggles of managing a dual-diagnosis, detailing her experiences navigating sobriety while facing a severe mental illness and learning how to treat it. She fumbles over the basics of living life as an adult following rehabilitation from heroin addiction and alcoholism and becomes tortured by the looming and growing threat of intense moods that endanger the stability she manages to create in spite of her turbulent past.